Dental Implant Services in Houston, Texas


Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. These implants are less invasive than other options, such as placing a fixed bridge. The three components of dental implants include the post, abutment and restoration. Once your procedure is finished, you will be left with a natural-looking tooth.

Reasons to Consider Implants

When you lose a tooth, the surrounding teeth will eventually begin moving to fill the space. Additionally, your jawbone will eventually begin to deteriorate due to inadequate stimulation to the bone. Placing a dental implant now will keep your teeth properly spaced as well as conserving your jawbone. The sooner you act, the better your oral health will be.

The Process

Dental implant surgery is performed in stages. The entire process can take months from start to finish. This time is important, however, since most of that time is devoted to the healing and growth in your jaw.

First Stage: Post Placement

It may take many months for your jawbone to heal completely from the post placement. Once this is complete, we place the abutment. This is an extension of the implant metal post. In some cases, this can be done at the same time as the original post.

Third Stage: Restoration Placement

After the soft tissue heals, we will make molds of your teeth and jawbone. We will then create a final tooth to be placed. At the final appointment, we will set the restoration and verify that everything fits properly.

Built to Last

While traditional bridges are durable, they generally only last five to seven years. Dental implants, on the other hand, are created to last a lifetime. They also allow you to keep your teeth in your mouth, rather than worrying that they may slip in place or fall out like dentures. You may brush, floss and care for your teeth the exact way that you would natural teeth. Don't wait to start the process. Call our office today to learn more about our dental implant services.

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